About the AR Planet Walk


This site is an Augmented Reality compliment to the Planet Walk  trail, located in Anchorage Alaska. The Planet Walk begins downtown at the large sun, located in front of the bus depot. Walking west on 5th Ave you will encounter the planets of our solar system closest to the sun. The further along the Planet Walk you travel the further from the sun you get. All of the planets represented on the walk are proportionately distanced from the sun, as they are up in the heavens.

The next time you find yourself on the Planet Walk route, make sure you have your smartphone with you loaded with the app Layar (available for iOS and Android). Search in Layar for the “planetwalk” layer. When you view the layer in Layar, you should be able to see the planets nearest you and access additional information about them.

For more information about the AR PlanetWalk layer, please contact cdbouffard@alaska.edu

Tools used to create this:

  • The Existing Planet Walk project information
  • WordPress
  • FeedGeorge plugin
  • Layar